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Vision and values


To build and maintain an environmentally sustainable and commercially viable forest and wood products industry that provides economic and social benefits to the people of Western Australia.

Mission statement

The FPC’s mission is to contribute to Western Australia’s economic and regional development through:

  • Sustainable harvesting and regeneration of the state’s plantation and native forest resources

  • Promoting innovation in forest management and local value adding for timber resources

  • Generating positive returns to the state from state-owned plantations and native forest resources.


The FPC operates responsibly, ethically and sustainably. Our products and services provide renewable resources.

We are committed to achieving results and delivering excellent service to our customers, partners, the community and each other.

亚慱体育appWe commit to providing a safe workplace for our staff and contractors and put the wellbeing and professional development of our people at the forefront of our business.

Sustainable forest management

The principles of sustainable forest management亚慱体育app are embedded in the culture of the FPC. It is our aim to ensure that future generations are endowed with a healthy, productive and sustainable forest estate.

亚慱体育appOur commitment to continuous improvement, supported by effective management planning, is integral to our everyday operations and activities. The FPC’s continual improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS) is recognised through certification to internationally recognised standards for sustainable forest management.