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The timber auction goes digital

24 June 2020

With COVID-19 changing the way everybody lives, the FPC's timber auction had to move with the times and go online.

电竞之家网站Forest Products Commission (FPC) Forester – Senior Timber Assessor Steve Davis said it was unknown how successful this auction would be, given that logs and timber are natural products that all vary.

电竞之家网站“To add to these reservations, we couldn’t initially allow an inspection day due to restrictions,” Mr. Davis said.

“Easing of the rules towards the end of the auction however meant that we could allow for people to inspect the timber and this was done on the scheduled finish day for the auction.”

电竞之家网站“We moved the finish day to Tuesday to allow people to digest what they saw and place their bids. Customer’s took advantage of this, and the lovely weather, to check out what they intended to bid on and set about a bidding frenzy.”

The auction sold 80% of the lots that were on offer.

电竞之家网站“It was fantastic to see considering some of the logs had been sitting around for some time and been through a number of auctions without interest,” Mr. Davis said.

电竞之家网站Prices received on some items exceeded the reserve price by a considerable margin.

电竞之家网站A few sawn timber lots were included as well which received a lot of interest.  

电竞之家网站“We set a new record for prices received for jarrah slabs,” Mr. Davis said.

电竞之家网站“I don’t know if it was just beginners’ luck, but our first foray into online auctioning has been very successful.”

电竞之家网站“We’ll get to test this again, as I have a sawn timber only auction scheduled for the end of June/July and am hoping we can repeat the same success for this.”

The online auction means we can potentially reach a larger audience, with this auction boasting bidders from Denmark to Carnarvon.