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Independent certification

The Forest Products Commission (FPC) is certified to the:

  • AS4708:2013 - Sustainable Forest Managment (SFM). Note that the FPC's certification excludes their sandalwood business and some other operations. SFM is internationally recognised by the  (PEFC)

  • 电竞之家网站 (EMS), the international standard for environmental management systems. The FPC's whole business is certified against this standard.

电竞之家网站These standards and systems ensure the FPC manage the forests to the highest possible standard and allow customers buying WA timbers to be sure they have come from independently certified forests.

These certifications are received after undergoing a rigorous auditing process of their management systems. In order to maintain certification the FPC must also demonstrate they are continually improving their forest management systems.

Scope of the Environmental Management System

The FPC's Environmental Management System scope includes the processes involved in the planning and management of harvesting operations, post-harvest re-establishment activities and the transport and sale (nationally and internationally) of forest products associated with plantations, native forests and sandalwood. The scope also covers the development and maintenance of associated infrastructure and the physical boundaries of the FPC’s EMS and is further described in the Guide to FPC forest management planning.

Summary management plan

The FPC has developed a Guide to FPC forest management planning to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Forest Management (AS4708:2013). This provides an overview of our forest management in the areas that are certified under SFM or otherwise referred to as our defined forest area. Defined forest area maps are available on the links below.

SFM summary audit reports

On request, we provide members of the public with copies of our summary SFM audit reports. To request a copy of these you can contact us on (08) 9363 4600 or email