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Forest management

Karri regrowth forest

电竞之家网站Our forests provide a range of economic, social and environmental benefits to the people of Western Australia. These benefits include:

  • animal and habitat protection
  • recreation
  • protection of steams and water supply
  • cultural and historical values
  • jobs and forest products

Sustainable forest management takes into account all of the different ways people use forests and ensures they are managed for the long term.

Who manages our forests?

电竞之家网站The Conservation Commission is an independent authority that oversees the administration of Western Australia’s national parks, conservation parks, nature reserves, State forests and timber reserves.

电竞之家网站The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has the lead responsibility for protecting and conserving the State’s environment on behalf of the people of Western Australia. This responsibility includes monitoring activities which may disturb the environment, including timber harvesting.

The Forest Products Commission is responsible for the sustainable management and development of Western Australia’s timber industry using native forest, plantation and sandalwood products on land owned or leased by the State.