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Stakeholder engagement

The purpose of the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy is to ensure that the Forest Products Commission (FPC) plans and adapts our engagement with stakeholders to understand their views, needs and expectations, and to achieve our strategic and operational objectives.
This strategy provides staff with a framework that sets out key steps in the process and indicates responsibilities and timeframes to manage the FPC’s stakeholders in an effective manner.

Who are our stakeholders

电竞之家网站Stakeholders are those people and organisations who can influence the FPC's outcomes, have an interest in, or are affected by the FPC’s activities.

电竞之家网站The FPC has identified 13 stakeholder groups:

The FPC has identified 13 stakeholders

What stakeholders can expect when engaging with us

电竞之家网站The FPC is committed to meaningful engagement with stakeholders to ensure we understand their views, needs and expectations. We are committed to adapting our engagement as part of this process and aim to;

  • Actively seek to understand its stakeholders and acknowledge varying opinions, local knowledge and expertise. Where stakeholder expectations differ, we will endeavor to find an appropriate balance.
  • Provide multiple avenues for stakeholders to provide their feedback whether positive or negative.
  • Respond to concerns, feedback and complaints a timely manner.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities for collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Build ongoing positive relationships with all its stakeholders in a proactive and constructive manner.
  • Ensure that information is communicated clearly and effectively.

How we engage with our stakeholders

The FPC believes that transparency and regular communication with stakeholders is important to ensuring mutual understanding of issues, concerns and opportunities.

To keep stakeholders informed and raise public awareness of the forest industry and FPC’s operations, we use a variety of methods including (but not limited to):

  • Face to face meetings / phone / email
  • FPC website information and news
  • Social media updates
  • Informing, consulting and collaborating with other agencies and individuals including DBCA, DFES, Local Governments, Community Groups, Landowners, Aboriginal groups, Forest users, Industry partners and many others
  • Sharing information via community newspapers and newsletter publications
  • Providing accurate and prompt information to the media
  • Events
  • Working with local organisations to support projects and initiatives which provide lasting benefits to regional areas through our Community Support Program
  • Partnering Forest Learning to support students, teachers and the public


Opportunities for stakeholders to engage with us

The FPC welcomes stakeholder input into our forest operations and practices at any time. Input can relate to a broad range of activities.

Get involved and have your say

The following are ways in which you can provide input:

  • Annual timber harvest plans

    Every year the FPC releases information of the native forest coupes which are planned to be harvested in full or in part during the forthcoming year under the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023. If you have feedback or concerns for any of the coupes listed on our current harvest plan or want to find out more about future harvesting operations, register your interest.

  • Karri forest management plan

    The FPC has developed a management plan for the karri forests to meet the requirements of the  (FSC-STD-30-010; FSC-C120630) and the associated FSC Australia’s High Conservation Values (HCV) evaluation framework. FPC sources timber from pure and mixed karri forest, which is available for harvesting under the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023. We encourage you to read our plan and provide comments and feedback.

  • General feedback and complaints

    Let us know how we can improve our practices and performance. Your feedback is always welcome and important to us. We will endeavour to respond to your feedback, complaintor concern in a timely manner.

In all cases where consultation has occurred, we strive to treat stakeholders fairly and with respect.


Register your interest

电竞之家网站Do you have an interest in a particular area, region or topic?

To register your area of interest either complete our Stakeholder registration form电竞之家网站, phone our head office on (08) 9363 4600 or contact our Community Engagement Leader.

Community Engagement Leader
Forest Products Commission
Robertson Drive

Phone: (08) 9725 5211