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Western Australia's sustainable forest and timber industry

电竞之家网站The following video is an overview of the forest and timber industry in Western Australia.

With a rich and proud history, the industry has been an important part of life for many south-west communities for about 150 years and is still the economic back bone for many south-west towns.

Forests in Western Australia are managed sustainably to ensure a balance between environmental and socio-economic outcomes and values. The FPC’s role is to manage the harvesting and regrowing of Western Australia’s forests and the selling of the state’s valuable timber resource.












Sustainable forest management in Western Australia

This three minute video looks at how forests in Western Australia are manage sustainably.

What is sustainable forest management? We all know it's important but why?

电竞之家网站Sustainable forest management is about finding the balance - protecting our forests for future generations, while also providing many other benefits including the timber and timber products we use every day.

For our forests to be truly sustainable they have to support all our communities' environmental, social and economic needs and values now and into the future.












Wood in buildings stores carbon, helping tackle climate change